Arkansas State Police Foundation

About the Arkansas State Police Foundation

The mission of the Arkansas State Police Foundation is simple:

  • The Arkansas State Police Foundation financially supports the State Police in the furtherance of their mission, "to protect human life and property in the State of Arkansas."
  • Provides the troopers life protecting equipment and training that is not otherwise available through federal or state programs.
  • Supports continuing law enforcement education for all state police personnel.
  • Assists support for local public awareness programs: safe driving courses; child seatbelt safety; drug task force awareness; and emergency child identification.

The Arkansas State Police Foundation Board of Directors is composed of concerned business and civic leaders who believe in the strong support for law enforcement. The Foundation recognizes the vital contribution the State Police makes to the well-being and quality of life enjoyed by individuals and business in Arkansas. Each Board member provides their endless time and financial support to the Foundation and serves without remuneration.

The Foundation is dedicated to helping the Arkansas State Police better serve you and help to keep Arkansas an attractive and desirable state in which to live and work. Your public donations and support for the Foundation makes the difference –where government funding alone cannot satisfy training, life protecting equipment, continuing education, and public awareness programs. The Foundation was established to help bridge the financial gap and provides the impetus for the State Police to achieve and maintain excellence.

We can’t do it without your help. A tax-exempt donation to the Foundation allows us to keep making a difference for you, our State Police and our communities.

Thank you for your support.

Bob Burns
ASPF Board of Directors